Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lost Tradition

"You notice the firsts, but the lasts just happen and you never know until too late." So said the older mother when my children were little. And it was true. And it has happened again.

For years, teatime in December was accompanied by the lighting of the advent candle. Sometimes we forgot to light it one evening and would have to burn it for an extra long time the next night. But it was there.
last year's advent candle

It was one of those traditions that happens, not one we planned. It began when they were handed out at playgroup by the Danish playgroup leader. It continued that way while the children stayed at that playgroup, then I started to buy them. Some years I was organised and got them in October, other years I only remembered at the end of November and tried shop after shop until I found one.

This year... This year I forgot completely until today. It wasn't that I didn't get round to buying it, more that I didn't even think about it.

And the sad thing? Not one of the children remembered it either, until I asked. And then they didn't care.

I might get one anyway.

This morning I took this snap of reflected sunlight on our neighbour's garage. I didn't have time to work out what the light was reflecting off: there was nothing obvious.
circles of light


Shan said...

This post made me sad. 'They didn't care?!" I said out loud, "how awful!"

I'm glad you managed to find one though.

scarletti said...

What a poignant post. I shall keep older mum's quote in my head to help stay in the present and watch for those lasts.