Saturday, March 22, 2008

Star in the Darkness

This is another teeny tiny star. The square in the centre of the star is 1 inch across. I made up the block pattern myself, although obviously it is based on friendship star. It still needs trimming. The blues of the background are more similar in real life.
square of

It took huge amounts of pfaffing, until I realised that rather then try sewing 1.5 inch strips to 1.5 inch rectangles, I could sew 3 7/8 inch squares (which were already cut out) to 4 inch strips and then trim down. More planned wastage, less accidental wastage.

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The List Writer said...

Thank you for your earlier comment on my blog! I think this teeny star is great, and I really like your idea of sewing first and trimming later.

I am nearly finished hand quilting my first quilt, and can't wait to get on with piecing the next one. Why is it so addictive when its so much work?!