Sunday, September 02, 2007

Post and Run

We got back from two weeks in Cornwall yesterday. I've got lots of things to blog about, such as go-karting (weeee!!!), the Eden Project and tapestries of Euclid at Cotehele House. I expected to be able to use the Wonders of Modern Technology to post a few times while I was away, unfortunately Modern Technology couldn't cope with the combination of poor quality mobile phone reception and blogger's post editor.

However, it will all have to wait at least a week. My next assignment for the History of Maths course has to be posted by next Saturday (I thought it was the Monday after), and I haven't read the course work yet. That means in the next six days, I have to read five weeks worth of material and write over 1000 words. Oh, and buy about six pairs of school shoes/trainers/football-boots which I'm actually dreading more.

(OTOH, I got top marks for my last assignment.)


Shan said...

Oooh, History of Maths, I took that. Let me see if I remember the timeline...

1-life was confusing and difficult
2-but it was not confusing and difficult enough
3-so they invented math
4-and that way also began intellectual stratification
5-but the knitting got a bit easier.

katelnorth said...

school shoes - oh yeah, we all dread that one. Luckily, I did mine before we went on holiday, so today we only have to do dentist and haircuts...