Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Isabella Review

Now for a picture of Isabella.
knitted t-shirt

I wore it for the first time on Sunday. Up until then it kept being too hot: these photos were taken the day I finished it, about ten days ago.

Pattern: Isabella from Knitty
KAL: here
Yarn: Rowan Cotton Glace
Shade: 791, a pale fudge colour
Quantity: 6 balls (or was it 5 balls, or 7 balls?) with a teensy bit leftover
Stash busting: 6 balls
Time Taken: about 3.5 months from start to finish
Modification: changed sleeves, used yarn with a different gauge

I started this more or less the day Knitty came out. I got sidetracked with knitting of failed projects, plus other stuff going on. When I was actually knitting it, it went fast. I really liked the lace panel, and it seems to flatter my hourglass figure.

The original was sleeveless. However, I was worried I'd get sunburnt shoulders, so I added cap sleeves. I'm not sure they quite work. Dh knows to say only nice things about my knitting, but when I said the sleeves would go down well at a Star Trek convention, he said he had spotted the similarity. If I was doing them again, I'd probably decrease more in the sleeve section. Also, before washing, the armholes seemed quite gape-y, but they seemed to have settled a bit. I don't think I'll redo them.

The picot edging turns up as well, so I might redo that. Or I might not.

Sleeve modification:
The pattern says to:

  • pick up stitches around the armhole,
  • knit four rows
  • do the YO, k2tog picot row
  • knit four more rows
  • cast off
What I did was
  • pick up stitches around the armhole, starting at shoulder seam
  • knit four rows
  • calculated what one sixth of the stitches was (strictly speaking, halved then divided by three, which rounds slightly differently)
  • short row sleeve section:
    • from top of shoulder (I had a marker), knitted one sixth stitches minus one
    • wrap and turn, and purl back to same number past the marked stitch
      (that is one third in total), but also purl 2 tog at top of sleeve
    • wrap and turn
    • knit back to one less stitch then before
    • wrap and turn
    • purl back to one less stitch then before, also decrease at shoulder seam
    • repeat for a total of ten rows

  • Next row, knit all the way round, picking up wrapped stitches
  • then the picot row
  • then knit four more rows, but on the third, increase about four stitches on each outside curve of the short row shaping section.
  • cast off, and sew up as described in pattern

I like the fit, although I'm not sure about the sleeves.

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