Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Second Swap Package

I have been a Bad and Neglectful Blogger, and not shown you (yet!) what Kristen Mary sent me in the Flibbertygibbet swap package.

The fabrics were all kitchen related:

But look at the extras! A cute little bag (its reversible as well) with sewing themed material. Just right for a set of scissors, tape measure and a few other little bits and pieces. A badge, and a copy of Adorn magazine. It's really interesting to read, especially as it has a crafter's guide to London.
It's far too long since I had a shopping trip to London, I've been there for theatre trips, and for exhibitions, and even to take the children there for the day. But I haven't been shopping properly for a very very long time. I know Covent Garden still exists (we went to the Transport Museum there), but for all I know Oxford Street vanished in a puff of smoke several years ago.

Everything in the package is lovely; Thank you very much Kristen Mary.

I find the swap thing really interesting: we all had the same brief - 3 strips of 4 inch wide fabric, and yet everyone's parcel was so different.

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Craftybernie said...

What a lovely package - the fabrics & bag is lovely. Sounds like a fun swap. :)

rosamundi said...

I can confirm Oxford Street has not vanished in a puff of smoke. Not have all the tourists who throng down it, getting in my way when I'm on my lunch break and On A Mission.

John Lewis's haberdashery department is sadly a shadow of its former self (and you have to go through the kids' department to get to it, which is a horror too horrible to be contemplated).

katelnorth said...

Actually, I'm not sure the Transport Museum exists at the moment - we tried to go at the end last summer - I think - and it had just closed for refurbishment until maybe Feb 08 or something... I bet Liberty is still there, though. I do miss one or two things about working in Soho.