Saturday, March 04, 2006

Stuff I haven't blogged about

Actually, the list of stuff I haven't blogged about would exceed blogger's storage space, and take forever to write about: I'll list just the topics I've thought about writing in the last two weeks, but haven't.

1) De-stashing - since November, approximately 8 balls of yarn have turned into 3 scarves for presents and another 8 balls of boring acrylic turning into someone else's stash so they could knit for hospitals. I might even put some pictures up later.

2) Re-stashing, with my first 4 balls of Noro Kueryon, a yarn I've wanted ever since I saw the pattern for Rosedale United in Knitty (Rosedale United needs 11 balls).

3) Crotchet blankets in hospitals

4) S'n'B on Wednesday

5) The power cut that affected our house (and 71 others) on Thursday morning,
but not the other houses in our shared driveway.

6) Being part of a statistical trend: it is rather depressing when you read a govt report about women in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) and realisng that you are following the pattern described. I want to tell everyone that I'm the outlying number, the one that they ignore as being outside the trend, the individual, and I realise I am in the middle of the cluster.

7) Internet users becoming the main content providers, just like they were in the mid 1990s.

8) The tutor marked assessment for my OU course.

9) Thinking about thinking about technical writing.

10) The 32 patchwork blocks I have made for a quilt.

11) Making 4 scarves in the last four months, and a single scarf in the rest of my knitting career.

12) Yvonne's gorgeous jumper, which she made for the Knitting Olympics: no pics on my blog, but some of the WIP on Tracey's blog.

13) Having realised I could create a web-site for a purpose.

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